Shoe polish set
Maison Paul

Universal maintenance kit to clean, embellish, and waterproof your leather or suede shoes.

Don’t miss an opportunity to lengthen the life of your precious shoes.

Faithful reproduction of boxes and waxing products used by professionals of yesteryear.

The shoe polish box is an original and luxurious gift, it stands out for its quality of manufacture and its refinement.

Unique shoe polish storage box used by professionals of yesteryear.

Made from real pine wood, by hand, each box of shoe polish is unique. Covered with 6 coats of varnish, it is robust, it will accompany you throughout your life.


A luxurious reproduction of the shoe polish boxes of yesteryear, and cleaning products of incredible quality.

Easy to use

Intended for universal use, the maintenance set is designed for all shoe colors in leather, nubuck suede and suede suede.

Guaranteed result

Effective for cleaning, embellishing and waterproofing your shoes, the Maison Paul maintenance set extends the life of your shoes.

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